A Study in Perspective

A dive into the deep depths of perspective throughout the ages. 

This piece shows a breathtaking view down the Grande Canal in Venice. This piece is a perfect example to start off the study of perspective, as it is a shows the classic one point perspective.
This beautiful piece made in 1728 is a stunning example of perspective. Giovanni Antonio Canal created a wonder perspective using the boats and the city behind to give a sense of scale.
I choose City Hall Square by Wolfgang Lettl for its beautiful use of perspective. The angle of the painting is wonderful as it gives a depth to not only the city street but the scale of the church.
I love the scale in The Hunter's Return, in the foreground we see two tiny hunters carrying in a deer in the background a massive mountain looms overhead. The image gives a true sense of size.
Again, an image that gives a true sense of size, the small animals in the foreground juxtaposed by the massiveness of cliffside. The lake breaks up the composition and gives more depth to the image.
I first picked this image due to the surrealist nature of it. The square patter of the floor disappearing into the horizon and the curved nature of this image are create amazing depth and realism.
Another Wolfgang Lett, this one with a more impressionist style. I really liked the ships in the background faintly painted on the canvas.
Charles Lepage's painting of a factory is beautiful and haunting. The factory seems to stretch on till infinity with the opposing wall faint painting at the end of this massive hallway.
Pond Lilies, is a beautiful piece. I chose it because it reminded me so much of Monet and the use of perspective to give depth. The reflection on the water is so realistic and eye catching.
Woodland Glade, by William Trost Richard is a piece the seems to be torn from a children fantasy book. Its serine nature path seems to wander far into the distance.
Another landscape image but I liked the juxtaposition between the natural shown by the mountain and the society that man has man shown by what seems to be some government building on the right.
I needed a Van Gogh in my gallery for in my mind Van Gogh truly was able to capture the human experience in art. Even in this evocative painting the tools of perspective have been used to great effect
Another Van Gogh, the wood forest is still unsettling despite the bright flowers and green grass. The use of perspective gives a darker feeling to the image that we don't get simple from the colors.
This painting is an amazing example of one point perspective. The focal point of this painting is the chandler above the couple at this wedding supper. The background appears to go on until infinity.
In Blind Man in Belsen, Alan Moore has captured the horror of war by showing the scale of the destruction in the perspective of the people. The masses in suffering appear to be endless.
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