I like this painting because it uses the perfect amount of purple to shade and give an almost an asian theme.
I like this picture because the purple in the picture almost gives the woman a royal look.
I like this photo because it has different shades of purple and it is abstract.
I think this dress portrays a wealthy woman in the late 1800's and the way the purple in this dress is shaded shows wealth and prosperity
i enjoy this work of art mainly because rain is a relaxing thing and purple is a calm color so the two mix very well creating a soothing image.
I like this cape because it has a designer fashion to it when you look at how foofie it is. the purple really brings out the abstract in it.
I like this because it shows like it is aged just through the calm purple color it has. it shows of age just due to the design.
I like this painting because it portrays what looks like a middle american village and the color purple adds a lot of focus to the blanket.
This is what seems like some wallpaper from a WW2 era home because it shows of age and a 1940's style.
I like this garment of clothing because it shows of power. something of what an important general might have worn during a war.
This picture is very uncentered which makes it interesting. it has a design that keeps your eyes moving with the yellow and purple contrasting each other.
I enjoy this chair mainly because it has a sense of modern age to it. the front legs show what looks to be a modern design while the back looks old.
This vase has many contrasting colors which makes it fun to look at. the colors almost follow the contours of the vase making it look organic and fluid.
I really like this painting because it has a sense of realism to it when viewed from a distance. the green grapes have a high contrast to the purple ones
I especially like this sash because it shows what almost a priest would wear. it has two angels towards the bottom and the purple has a humbling look to it.
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