The SACRIFICE of Life and Soul

Paintings of the Crucifixion of Christ.

Christ on the Cross represents Jesus on the cross before his death. In this painting, he is the lone subject. No other people are shown. The smooth transition of the skin looks flawless and adds a tremendous amount of detail to Christ. Although, much of the detail was put into the main features of Christ and the background seems very bland and plain. A little more details could have put in a sense of location, however, I think this way, all the focus is on Christ, which is what the painting is all about.
Mystic Crucifixion shows the crucifixion of Christ along with what looks like Mary Magdalene wrapped around the bottom of the cross. Also, we see God in the corner looking down along with some angels. I like the fact that the city in the background is depicted so it brings a sense of location to the painting. There is also an angel at the foot of the cross with a sword in hand and it looks like the angel is holding up a serpent or Satan and it's about to get slaughtered.
This painting of the Crucifixion is very somber. It shows Christ on the cross at which point it looks like he is looking down to the ground. He is wearing the Crown of thorns and has the sword stab in his side. There are two figures on each side of the cross which I am only going to guess is Mary Magdalene and John the baptist, Jesus' brother. They both have halos around their heads which dictates a sign of importance or royalty or even as a deity. The female figure on the left is looking down as if she was morning and the figure on the right is looking up at Christ. The bone fragments at the ground seem to imply a place of death which is the only reason I see the artist putting them in the painting.
This Crucifixion of Christ piece show Christ flanked by the two other criminals. The main difference between this piece and all the other pieces in this collection is that this piece has many people at the scene. Not only does it show Mary hanging on to the cross down by Christ's feet, but it also seem to show the King of the kingdom along with knights and city folks. Some seem to feel sad and depressed while others show a sign of not caring about the situation. I also noticed that Christ seemed lighter than the other two criminals. The one thing that I saw that was rather odd, was the miniature priest at the very bottom of the painting with a shield. Who is he and why is he so small? Is it an analogy or was it a literal piece.
This Crucifixion painting eerily seems like the same concept as the last one with both Mary and John at the side of Jesus and with each of them with the same glance. Although, this one seems a lot darker and more of a morning painting. The look on John's face in this painting is more heart break than the last one. Christ also looks a lot more tortured and bloody in this painting.
The Crucifixion by Paolo Veronese shows Christ on the cross with three by standers around him. Christ os also casted in a glow that could be depicted as either being a deity or maybe the vision of the soul leaving the body. The city in the background has a good amount if detail in it. It's easy to seer the domes of the mosques and towers in the background. The detail to the body of the people in the picture is very crisp and really portrays the emotion during this event.
The crucifixion of Christ and the other criminals is different because Christ is not the sole focal point of the picture. unlike other pictures, we see the other criminals hung beside Christ giving us the interpretation that Christ wasn't special. We also see men on a ladder that looks like they are trying to take Christ down off the cross and are passing down what looks like a certificate, possibly the Death certificate. At the foot of the cross is a lady that has appeared to have passed out. I am assuming that this lady is Mary.
Crucifixion by Grechetto is a little different as in the painting style looks a little abstract. It looks as if the painting was rushed and the time that other paintings were given, this one lacked. There is a halo around the head of Christ, that we see in a lot of pantings about Christ, signifying his authority and importance. I chose this painting because I like how raw the picture seems.
This painting of Christ being Crucified has Mary Magdalene at his feet. Unlike other painting with Mary, she seems at peace and rather happy given the circumstances. She is seen here at the feet of Christ almost as in a way of "washing" his feet one last time with her hair. The background also looks very dark which gives an overall dark feel to the piece until you see the real emotion from Mary which contradicts the painting. She seems ok with the events that have taken place and he is serving her master one last time.
This is another painting of the Crucifixion that I feel have an abstract feel to it. The paint, although is pealing in this picture, seems to be thrown on without any real order. There are some parts that looks like a mosaic a little by the way the artist blotched the paint on in areas. Mary's face is completely blacked out in this painting and I don;'t know if that was done to suggest a certain feel or if it was an artist mistake that he tried to cover up. All in all a very powerful piece.
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