Its a Matter of Perspective

A gallery which incorporates artworks that exemplify Renaissance and modern design use of one-point perspectives. Paintings collected by Alejandro Hernandez.

I enjoyed the curved hallway. Its distinct from linear vanishing points. Also the painting looks like an early design for a video game.
This painting also has an uncanny modern design. The tiles create a sense of motion and verticality. This is a clear example of one-point perspective.
This painting also has a playful design. The stairs create a sense of motion and three-dimension. It also feels like the early stages of a video game design.
I enjoyed what the painting did with the vanishing point. It distorted the path at the end, however one can still see the vanishing point up to a certain area.
The vanishing point is also distorted up to a certain point. This curvy path retains the main characteristics of one-point perspective while adding floating tiles that create verticality and layers.
Unlike the other paintings, this one does not rely on walls to create a vanishing point. It uses only the ground and the raising vines to create the feel of depth.
Its refreshing to see a vanishing point that makes the audience feel like they are standing on the right side of a wall. This design makes your heat turn on purpose.
The walls in the painting don't align perfectly, but the path still manages to create the sensation of depth on an uneven plain.
This painting is perfectly aligned and symmetrical. Certainly an aesthetic principle that is sure to calm and relax anyone.
I chose this painting because the vanishing point is a clear blue sky, not a wall or a dead end.
This renaissance painting moves the origin of the one-point perspective from the usual center. Perspective doesn't always have to be focused in the middle of the painting.
The only thing that robs this painting from its symmetry its the pedestrians.It the perfection of architecture versus the imperfection of society.
This highly detailed painting shows rigorous aspects of this structure. The one-point perspective is almost hidden in the midst of all the detail and color.
I enjoyed the use of the mirror. Even if it fumbles with spatial recognition, its a wonderful example of undisturbed linear perspective.
The perfect design shows a truly beautiful one-point perspective, while showcasing the artful use of arcs in Renaissance architecture. Its giving me tunnel vision.
Credits: All media
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