The theme is inspired by lost objects represented as impractical and idealistic components. These elements portray themes of simplicity and complexity in the modern era and historical era. In this gallery, it will feature consist elements of aged, revolutionized, unarranged and detached artworks.Lost objects can signify longing, impracticality, and forgotten aspects. I have chosen this particular theme due to my stimulated interest in innovative and unusual ideas which can be represented in a range depictions. These ideas have been included in my exhibition through a range of photos, paintings and installations. Pieces included in this exhibition exemplify characteristics of 'Fragments Astray' in the conceptual frameworks of structural, cultural, subjective and post-modern.The gallery has been set out from artworks ranging in simplicity and very few elements to pieces with more expression and depth. The purpose of this setting is to clearly represent the different ways this theme can be portrayed.

These piece of art demonstrates the cultural frame.
This installation has elements which classifies into to the subjective frame.
This image portray the post-modern frame.
This artwork represents the structural frame.
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