Universal Blue

This gallery includes artwork with the color blue which gives off a feeling of tranquility, peace, faith and respect.

This work gives off a tranquil feeling, its very peaceful and serene.  
The different shades of blue are interesting. The way the lines and patterns are placed would make one think.
the patterns remind of the gothic art style, the blue cathedral windows could represent faith.
the lake reflecting the sky makes this painting seem peaceful along with the blue boat.
This work looks very dark, the blue gives off an eerie feeling, the dancers look almost depressed.
The placement of the different shades of blue give this work a sort of cherie feel, even tho its supposed to represent snow which is normally cold.
The artwork is very mysterious.
This picture is very calming, the blue hills look like water, its almost surreal.
This picture reminds me of my own room, the walls are and would keep you cool headed, always thinking.
The water looks iced over and glossed, the blue makes the picture seem like it would be cold, I imagine breathing in cold air when I look at it.
This self portait looks cold like ice, it could be symbolic of his personality.
This reminds of the arctic an aurora in the sky.
The lights in the painting allow you to see the dark blue within the lake and night sky.
I get a cold and warm feeling at the same time. The blue makes the picture cold, and icy, yet it all has a light yellow tint; which looks like an early morning.
The cross between blue and yellow give off a warm feeling, the sun coming through the clouds making way for a clear blue sky.
Credits: All media
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