ART Elements

Line- Vincent van Gogh used lines to represent the serenity of the Starry Night he was painting. Some of the lines were short, some long, some longer, some wavy, some circular, and for the tower on the left, some straight.
Shape- The Belcher Mosaic Glass Company used geometric shapes to make up this stained glass masterpiece such as perfect triangles, squares, and crescents, or at least the artist intended for it to be geometrically designed.
Form- James Watkins used form in this artwork because of the way he made it tall, the width, and the depth (3-D). You can look around the object, look inside the object, and maybe a little animal might walk in and make it into a wonderful glassy home.
Color- I chose color for this one because Willem Roelofs implied a rainbow to show bright color and a light-hearted feeling to all who look at the illustration. Hue is implied from Willem's creative use of colors. Intensity distinguishes the light rainbow shining on the dull thunderstorm. And Value separates the dark from the light in the rainbow's presence.
Texture- Edvard Munch uses implied texture with his art supplies to show that the Yellow Log and the Trees are crispy and hard when you touch it, that bumpy texture with the shapes and art styles that create that common texture.
Value- Hovhannes makes this beautiful artwork full of an implied value by separating the sky from the waters. The sunset is a vividly bright yellow orange and pink. The waters are darker. Black is incorporated. For the sky, a much lighter black is used. Lightness and darkness incorporated all around the picture gives it it's artistic display.
Space- Grant Wood makes the people who own the acre Positive, the closest, most general objects. The background or negative space is the less general house as an object in the picture. If they are switched around, the general image is no represented correctly(Green Acres?).
Credits: All media
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