The Color of love: Joseph tagliareni 

The theme for my gallery that I chose is color and love. There are so many colors that represent love, color is around us everywhere, it shows emotion. Love is all around us, love is fragile and showing color with love shows the true definition of love. Color and love work together, they show romance and passion.

In this painting what it looks like a couple kissing. The eyes in the painting are shown in an odd way, the colors red and pink shove that there is love showing in the painting.
This sculpture has a variety of colors that can express love. The raindrops have different colors that represent love. Love doesn’t have to come between just two people, love is all around us and we can share to love the nature of our own planet Earth.
This painting shows two figures showing their love for dancing, the painting also has red spots with little black dots, they look like animals. The red in the painting shows passion for their dancing and love for what they do.
The painting shown is a woman writing a letter while the other one I believe is helping her. The woman writing the letter; her clothes are pink which resembles love overall and friendship.
This picture is showing a couple holding hands, also there is a lot going on in this picture as well. There is a dog right above the woman. There isn’t a lot of color to display love but there is some orange and red that combine to create love.
This painting is showing two people meeting for the first time. There is a lot of color that represents love. Even the color of their skin shows how much they love each other.
This painting shows a middle aged woman with sunglasses on, but the title of the painting “You are Love” shows that love is in the air and anybody can fall in love. The color red in the background shows that there is love, the blue color tells that that there is hope in finding love.
This photo is showing two hands together and hearts coming out. The colors in this photo represent love, the photo is sending a message saying to spread the love.
This painting shows two women reading a love letter. There are not a lot of colors in this painting but as you can see that red and orange are there meaning that love is around.
This painting is showing a couple kissing. The color yellow for this painting is resembling happiness and joy. The other colors such as red and blue stand out for passion and hope.
Credits: All media
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