"A Different View"

My art gallery is focused around the term 'Perspective'.

Due to the perspective of this picture, it gives a sense of dramatic irony. The viewer can clearly see the figure that appears to be an angel, while the some figures on the other side cannot see it.
This piece gives a strong emotional pull due to the perspective chosen. The child reading the book in the foreground is the closest thing to you but the figure in the background is the most important.
I chose this work because the dark colors and the fish-eye perspective give an eerie, almost completely terrifying feeling of this picture.
This piece gives the emotional appeal from the view of the woman's face. It shows that the woman is very deep in thought or staring at something outside the view of the viewer.
This work by Giovanni Migliara is one that gives a slight scary feeling and when I look at it, I can hear the echoes that you would expect from a Gothic church.
Upon finding this picture, I could only see the figures and water; and based on my perspective of the scene, I thought that the figures were standing on water.
This painting's perspective gives the viewer a feeling of endlessness from the ocean. You know that this body of water should stop at some point, but due to perspective you think it is continuous.
I chose this work because there are multiple perspectives; each showing what appears to be stories from the bible.
I chose this piece because it's side perspective resembles that of classical art; with the whole side-view, half-face thing.
This portrait gives an eerie feeling because the view from the woman on the right makes her look like she's looking off into the distance, while the left woman(supposedly a reflection)stares at you.
This painting has a very open perspective. It shows an "open landscape" which could have any sort of meaning behind it.
I chose this painting because it gives a lot of emotion from the guy on the right, but no emotion or perspective of the guy on the left. This gives another meaning to the painting.
This painting definitely shows two very clear perspectives. The more powerful perspective: The guy on the top forcing the other guy to work; and then the lesser perspective: The guy on the bottom.
I chose this piece of art because the perspective that the artist chose is very simple yet powerful; showing the river as the main focus and seemingly endless, and the two forests on the sides.
I chose this painting because the perspective chosen makes you feel as if you're at the bottom of the mountain. It gives the strong urge to want to get to the top, which could be another perspective.
Credits: All media
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