Famous Revolutions

My gallery is about different revolutions. Revolutions are not solely based on war and independence. I also have several examples of revolutions in music and art. Revolution is about changing or making something different or new and spreading it to the masses.

A painting depicting life after the Russian Revolution.
Paul Cezanne is widely considered the father of Modern Art. His works were one of the first to spread out from the academic style of painting.
More of Cezanne's work. You will notice that he is not trying to hide the brush strokes rather than making it smooth like academical painting.
Realist paintings are the first paintings to actually perceive the average person. Here we see smiths working. Although this painting was made before the major era of the Realist painters. It still depicts the criteria that realist paintings have.
Another realist painting depicting an average family with the father working in a forge. Again, it was not made in the era of Realist painting.
A painting depicting George Washington crossing the Delaware River to launch a surprise attack against the Hessian in Trenton, New Jersey during the American Revolution. Hessians are german troops under British Empire.
A painting of Benjamin Franklin. One of America's founding fathers and one of the leaders in the American Revolution against Britain.
Napoleon Bonaparte in one of his battles. Napoleon is one of the most noted generals in the French Revolution.
She was convicted by the Convention for treason to the principles of the revolution, and executed by guillotine on 16 October 1793.
Elvis Presley spearheaded the Rock and Roll revolution in music in the 1950s. Everyone to this day knows Elvis Presley.
Another depiction of Elvis Presley in brighter colors.
John Lennon, of the Beatles. The Beatles are one of the most influential bands in music history. Leading the British Invasion(of Rock and Roll) to the US and soon, the world.
A painting of John Lennon in Time Magazine noting about his murder.
Walt Disney studios revolutionized the animation world by producing some of the most known characters in all time and also producing the first animated film with sound.
A picture of Walt Disney and a backdrop of Mickey mouse in a forest.
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