A look at perspectives

These are works of art that play around with perspective. 

I chose this painting to show a nice example of one point perspective with the corner of the room as well as the table.
This composition shows a nice use of two point perspective with the buildings trailing off into the distance.
This painting shows a great use of one point perspective. I like how you are right in from and the horizon line is close to the top of the composition.
I like how this shows a bird's eye view with three point perspective so you can see how tall the ceiling really is.
The two point perspective here is a little off but that is intentional and makes the composition more interesting.
This is a great example of the vanishing point being off of the composition.
The horizon line is almost in the middle of the composition which makes this painting seem pleasant. The buildings are falling back towards that horizon line as well.
This is a very cool image which feels off balanced due to the ground on the right and the trees seem as if they are falling. The two point perspective works well here.
The horizon line in this composition is using the rule of thirds by being one third into the composition. I like how the two point perspective is used.
The way the horizon line is not perfectly horizontal makes this a very interesting composition.
Another great example that shows perspective does not always have to be accurate to create a great composition.
The two point perspective here is very appealing and the horizon line is on a slant which makes it more interesting.
I love the way we can see the boat up close as well as the background behind it. The two point perspective here is very nice.
This composition shows another corner and how perspective is very important when trying to create a realism piece.
This is a great simple composition with two point perspective.
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