White porcelain

I collected these 4 porcelain jars because they caught my eye with the detail and beauty the show. They all have either simple detail or a lot of detail but they are all beautiful. 

This piece has a pure white surface that symbolize the clean. The plants show integrity and spirit. It also stands for a noble and poetic mood. The surface is realistic rendering of bamboo and plum trees. The piece is used for decoration by royal families and government. I collected this piece because it is a beautiful piece with detail.
This white piece of porcelain is used as a storage jar. It is an under glaze iron. It has intricate designs painted in cobalt blue. They represent lively and playful designs. Its detail is stylized orchids. I collected it because the simple detail is unique and beautiful.
I collected this piece because I thought it was very beautiful. There is a lot of detail to show the skill that the painter has which makes it so unique. It is a blue and white porcelain jar with birds resting in a plum tree. It is painted in a strong, rich cobalt blue under glaze. It symbolizes artistic style and elegance.
This is a blue and white flat vase that is used to hold liquid. It has 3 dancing people that are playing musical instruments. The people are considered non Chinese. The different shades of blue and brownish-green are more traditional Chinese paintings. The pureness and beauty stands out in this artwork. I collected this piece because there is a lot of great detail and is unique.
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