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The theme of this gallery will be architecture. However, more specifically this gallery includes bridges. I have always found architecture beautiful, and throughout the years I have grown a bit of an obsession for bridges over many other types of architecture. I'm not 100% sure as to why but I know a few reasons would be because the engineering that had to go behind them is amazing, yet despite the engineering it seems that most bridges end up being beautiful whether its on purpose or not. Then of course that theres always the fact that they allow people to get to places that may have one been inaccessible. 

I thought that this wold be a good place to start. Even in its simplest form and what seems poorly build a bridge can still have a purpose and act as a way for people to travel. You can see in some parts of the bridge closest to the water there are pieces of wood supporting the bridge and keeping it together
The Yadoiribashi bridge is another great example of a simple bridge but you can start to see the beauty in some bridges. This bridge has a bit more of an arch to it and is surrounded by red hand rails which someone obviously took the time to paint to match the gate it leads to which I would imagine might lead to someones home.
As we can see in this image unfortunately things don't always work out. Sometimes a poorly built or old bridge can collapse. This is a great reason as to why I love bridges. So much though and engineering has to go into building them. You can see a lot of straight parallel and crossing lines the make up this bridge. Perhaps it could have used a little bit more support towards the bottom.
I thought the Dale Creek bridge was pretty interesting because of how simple it was built. But not simple in the way the some of the previous bridges are. There is obviously a lot going on with this one but the way it was built seems pretty simple. There are just a bunch of post leading straight up to the main part of the bridge and a bunch X's connecting the post old them together. Kind of looks dangerous but at least in this picture we can see that its working!
With the Trestle bridge we can see that bridges are obviously use for more than just cars and people. This bridge seems to be used very specificly for a train. At this point we can still see that there are a lot of straight lines that come together to make this bridge.
As we progress we can see with the Dromin Bridge that we start getting into a lot more detail. This bridge is obviously made out of some kind of stone. instead of just laying these stones out randomly you can see in the arch that there is a design with bigger and smaller stones. In addition for the guard rail that the two men are leaning on, opposed to just have a completely straight guard rail like the previous pictures this one also arches and each post of the rail is artisticly shaped.
I really like this bridge not only for how it is built but for the meaning behind it. I thought this was a cool example of a mix of a lot of the bridges we have already looked at. Not only does it use a lot of connecting straight lines to make the bulk of the platform itself but there is a arch going through the center of the bridge that is a huge factor in whats holding it up. Though i don't know exactly why this is called the 'friendship bridge' I like that it is called that because it just goes to show that there are many other uses for bridges even if its just to represent a connection.
In this reconstruction of a railroad bridge you can see and appriciate the sheer number of people and work that goes into building something like this. In addition you can see how a bridge is actually made. Even though this one contains many arches you you see with how they are building this the structure underneath is using the straight lines with X's connecting everything.
Here is an example of a few bridges. As we progress we can see that a lot of bridges start becoming more detailed in beautiful. In addition to hopefully be structurally and architecturally sound these bridges are also quite beautiful. All of these bridges have many arches and the entire bridge itself also has an arch to it. In addition there are also many other small details. The top three are lined with lights to help guide people along their path down the bridge.
Finally we have the Brooklyn bridge. This is one of my favorites for many reasons. Like some of the previous ones we have a mix of different types architecture. As you can see we get away from having arches in the middle to hold up the bridge but still have some at either end helping to hold things up. Whats really cool about this is these arches at either end still act as a way to hold the bridge up with huge cables that run all the way up the pillars and run down the length of the bridge connecting everything and providing support! An excellent example of the different types of engineering that can be used.
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