efflorescence and shriveling of the mind

Human Nature's complex beauty is filled with darkness and light and all shades of gray in between. The lows and highs of life evoke raw human nature, and while some may falter, they will also fly. Different perspectives illustrate the differences in humans, but they also highlight the similarities in humans as well. 

The large elephant may be the king, but the small hare will be wise, and they will both drink from the same watering hole. We as humans don't let circumstance determine our worth, we are all the same.
One of the strongest traits of any human is hope. It incites us all to carry out tasks or create change. This image illustrates the prayer for hope and a wish for some sort of change.
There is a strong foundation to any achievement. Humans tend to rely on strength of others to rise up, sometimes showing teamwork, other times showing dependence.
The human mind is turbulent, constantly changing and forever in motion. This piece of art indicates that our emotion can change purely based on our environment.
These seemingly all-knowing eyes peer through a room of decay. The only way humans are able to acquire wisdom is through their perseverance during destruction.
Human nature also has a dark side, lurking through the shadows under a bridge. We illustrate vice through our actions, which creates ugly souls.
During our slumber our dreams lift off and flutter beyond what we conceive to be possible. Our subconscious knows our capability, but we only listen during the most intimate and purest of times.
The perfect fruit of labor lies in the rough, overworked, callused, and mistreated hands. These hands work until they are dirty and raw so that ours can be clean and healthy.
We use eyes to judge, but we are also judged by our words. There is a network behind what we say and how we judge others, which is displayed through the bloom of colors behind the head.
The purity of childlike souls can easily be torn apart when certain circumstances force maturity. This child demonstrates an innocence that is disrupted by the stain of red flowing down on him.
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