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This is a art Gallery I Created for my art Exhibition in ICT.

This Piece of Art Has the elements of Art Shape, Colour and Value. The piece of Art is a Alpine Landscape(Baden bei Wien) and it is a Austrian Artist who made It.
This Photo is In Antarctica and Has the Elements of art Value, Space and Shape. The Photo is Called Ice Cave, Scott Base, Ross Island, Antarctica. The Picture was Taken In the year 1975.
This picture is Made by a Maltese and has the elements of Art Texture, Space, Value and Form. The piece of art is called A Galley of Malta.
This Picture took 37 Years(1974-2011) to Paint isn't that amazing! this piece of art has the elements of art Value, space, form, Shape and Texture.
This photo was made in the year 1901 and has the elements of art shape, Form, Value and Space. The piece of Art is called Arrernte welcoming dance, entrance of stran.....
This Painting called Madonna and Child was made by Wood and the Artist of this Piece of art was called Duccio di Buoninsegna. The Piece of Art was Made in ca. 1300.
This Painting called Leone marciano andante was made in the year 1516 by the artist Vittore Carpaccio. The Painting has the elements of art Value, Space, colour and form.
Credits: All media
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