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I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. Nick Battista

Value- the artist made it light in the front and darker in the back Color- the table and the cherries have colors in them Shape- the artist made circular cherries and table Form-the artist made the cherries and peaches become spheres Line- the artist used implied lines by making the table circular when it doesn't show that Texture- from the outside the cherries have a soft texture but when you zoom it looks rough Space- there is negative space in the background that could be taken up by something else
Color- the artist used the colors green, red and blue Texture-when you zoom in the texture looks rough and hard Shape-the author didn't make it 3-D Lines-the lines aren't straight but rather free form
Texture-Washington's coat has a rough texture Color-the table is red and his coat is black Form-Washington looks 3-D Value- Under the table it is dark
Texture- The People look like they have a hard/rough texture COlor-the artist used green, red and blue Value-as you go under the table, it get darker compared to above Shape-the people are 2-D instead of 3-D
Form-the artist made the piece 3-D Texture-the fruit looks like it has the real texture Color-the artist used oranges and red's Lines-The table has straight diagonal lines Space-there is negative space behind the table
Credits: All media
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