The power of community 

As seen in both novels, and witnessed throughout society, there is a never-ending struggle for power and rule. Ultimately, a strong sense of community has the ability to attain and maintain power. In Jane Jacob's novel, "The Death and Life of Great American Cities", power is held in the hands of the wealthy. Jacobs solution to this power-struggle is to create a unified community. Power, or lack there of, in a community ultimately leads to crime and corruption. Crime and corruption play a significant role in Dashiell Hammett's "Red Harvest".The violence in the novel is brought on by the miners who, as a community, have and abuse power in order to control the city. What the citizens of Personville fail to recognize is the power they could have if they simply built their sense of community. Which brings us back to Jane Jacobs argument. With community there is a decrease in crime, poverty and socioeconomic gap.

This image illustrates the separation between rich and poor communities. This lack of diversity is discussed in Jane Jacob's novel.
This photo again represents a separation amongst a community discussed in Jane Jacob's novel.
Jacobs dedicates an entire chapter to recreational parks. The "popularity" of parks are controversial but whether good or bad, parks ultimately create localized communities. (Jacobs 88-89)
This is a strong representation of how urban planning works to break down communities based on socioeconomic differences. (Jacobs 142)
Park Ave is infamous for housing the wealthy families in New York City. In reference to urban planning, it is these neighborhoods that were created to segregate and create "competition". (Jacobs 243)
When there is segregation in a community, members begin feeling unsafe. One community often gains more power than the other leading to increased crime. (Hammett 33 & Jacobs 30-31)
Similar to the murder in the "Red Harvest", those who hold the power maintain their power by eliminating competing forces. By doing so, they have a complete disregard for life. (Hammett 67 & 80)
In "Red Harvest", a lot of crime and corruption occur behind closed doors. The individuals outside of the community feel powerless and simply standby and watch as crime unfolds. (Dashiell Hammett)
Unity creates community. If people could find a way to put their differences aside, they could create a strong community. In "Red Harvest" that is what they lack and in Jane Jacobs that is her goal.
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