This image uses lines to create the picture. This is an example of rectilinear shapes. Theres lines that connect together to make shapes. Its clearly shown that theres a man with a beard.
In this image the positive then the negative attach our attention. Therefore this this would fall in the category called "figure/ground reversal."
The positive shape, or figure, in this figure is the little girl holding the flowers. The negative shape is the all in the background, the trees, the sky, the pathway.
There are no sharp angled edges. Meaning that this image is a curvilinear shape.
Crisp precise edges are being demonstrated in the shapes on this image. Theres no actual picture but there is a lot of geometric shapes.
There seems to be no visual reality shapes in this picture. There is a bit of distillity. In other words this is an example of an abstract shape.
Theres strong contrast in this image by be the clearness of the objects in it. Therefore this is and example of high definition. This image seems to tell the viewer about events.
I believe that this image is an example of a low definition shape. Its clearly a picture of flowers but if you look closely the edges seem to be soft.
This image is an example of a rectilinear shapes because theres shapes in the image made out of angles and not curves.
This is an example of an organic shape. In this image there are living organisms there is happy energy because there seems as if theres hand motions.
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