Broken Innocence             William-Douglas Reyes

The theme that I chose is how society always take advantage on the innocents. People who craves for power takes advantage of the weak and easily manipulated. By taking away their price possessions or their daily needs. Leaving the victims to suffer or their loved ones. 

The picture depicts a man who is down on his knees as if he was inferior. The way the man is positioned and his movement, depicts that he is being taken advantage.
In the picture it shows Christ being crucified and Mary Madalene kneeling. The way magdalene is positioned, and the color of Christ's sheet is white, representing innocence or purity.
In the picture it depicts an painting of a kid with hand marks by his crotch. The color choice of black that are used on the hands represents tainted or evil, and the kid weeping.
It shows a mother suffering when she tries to take care of her baby. The way the mom puts her palms on her face says she is distraught.
It shows a street art of a kid having 3 bullet wounds. Also the colors, the boy is colored white meaning purity and red means that it's tainted or pain.
It shows an image of a man getting scolded. The way the person is positioned in the middle, makes him look inferior.
The image depicts a mother, father, and a child who may be homeless. The facial expression that are given by both the mom and the dad shows the face of defeat or surrender.
The image also shows a mother, father, and a child. For this one the daughter died, and left the parent's distraught. The way they are positioned and facial expression, shows it.
The image shows a dying mother and her unborn child. This relates to my theme because the mother seems to be broken and is slowly dying, but she doesn't want to give up because of her unborn child.
The image depicts a young boy painting a baby with a rope strapped on it. This also relates to my theme because it shows a baby, who knows nothing, being taken advantage of and turned into a horse.
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