The Alchemist

Paintings that relate to the Alchemist

I can relate this painting, "The Fortune-Teller" by Julio Romero de Torres to Santiago's experience and the similarities in their manner towards the gypsy. The girl looks dissatisfied and uninterested because she looks away from the gypsy as if she doesn't believe and respect what the gypsy is saying and showing with her card. She lowers her eyes and her lips looks like as if she's trying to fake a smile as if she rather do something else. Just like the girl, Santiago didn’t like what the gypsy was saying as she interpreted his dream, thinking it was impossible and crazy. He later regretted seeing the gypsy and refused to believe in dreams. Santiago thought it was a waste of his time fishing for answer because he had other things to take care of, like exchanging his book.
I can relate this to Santiago's experience when he leaves home and decides to pursue his passion for travelling. In this painting, this young man is looking back to his house. In that house, you can see a couple: a woman in distress and a man comforting her. I could identify this couple as Santiago's parents. In the book "The Alchemist", Santiago's father was very supportive by giving him three ancient coins to pursue his dreams of being a shepherd. In the painting, the man in the house looks like he is holding the woman (his wife) back, trying to comfort and reason with her. The man that is leaving: he looks like he’s a bit happy, but at the same time he looks back, missing his family already and like Santiago, there are times where he regrets being a shepherd and leaving his family. I can relate this to my mother’s experience when she had to leave her family in order to attend university. It was a really tough thing to do and just like Santiago’s father, her father was very supportive and bought her an apartment and paid for her tuition to start with. My mom told me that at times, she wanted to go back home because there were so many challenges for her, like her father’s death. However, she decided to move on and pursue her dreams and not give up on what her father gave her: an education.
In the painting, there is a boy sitting who looks exhausted and troubled while his sheep are around him. I can relate this to Santiago’s decision between his sheep and treasure. As you can see there is a long path ahead of him that goes all the way up to the mountains. I can say that there is a long path (to achieve his Personal Legend) ahead of Santiago and the mountains can symbolize the desert or his Personal Legend. This painting can symbolize Santiago’s first challenge/obstacle in achieving his Personal Legend and to get to the desert. He also looks like he’s waiting for the sheep. In the book, the sheep depended on Santiago for food and water and in the painting, there is a lot of water and grass provided for the sheep to have. However, because he is waiting for them, it also symbolizes that the sheep can hold him back. The sheep are so used to travelling that it is easy for them move on, unlike Santiago.
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