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Paintings, the last of my galleries. No explanation needed, but here it is without further adieu.

This picture reminded me of my vacation to the Bahamas. Painted in 1899, this was not your contemporary painting. Vivid colors and very articulate brush strokes, it perfectly caught the image of a shipwrecked person after a storm.
After the Great Depression, the corner "gin mill" was the place to go after a hard days work in downtown Chicago. Hopper caught my eye because it was not hard for me to see this as what it was meant. Living in a small community, I know how easy it is to get caught up in daily life. By escaping to the bar for a few drinks is common occurence in even today's society and Hopper caught this scene perfectly.
I chose this painting because it was the first painting I was ever exposed to back in 3rd grade. Our art teacher had brought in a few paintings and we were make comments on it. As was my opinion back in 3rd grade, some 13 years later I still find it very creepy. The people look very weird and upset. The only thing unique is how detailed the painting is and how much time it must have took to complete.
This painting reminded me of a scene from the movie Mulan when they were in the mountains escaping the Huns. Again, this painting has very descriptive strokes and portrays a picture from the Asian area.
JFK....I had to pause after looking at this because it was so special ad sentimental. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was one of the most prolific figures in American history and this painting does him and his family a ton of justice. The strokes in the background are very wide and it portrays his figure perfectly.
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