Blue combined with other colours, mainly white.

The lizard twisting around the bottle made this stand out to me.
I'm a fan of china, specifically the designs.
I like the way glass looks when it has a blue colour.
The way the light makes this teapot glow is a favourite effect of this kind of glass.
A bowl that looks like a drop of water in a pond. Purposeless, but pretty.
Orange and blue, popular colour combination.
A stag reminds me of nature, so to see one glowing blue is a nice juxtaposition between the natural and artificial.
The bird and branch form a bow-like shape, the blue curve of the bird's feathers draws the eye up to the animal.
Another china creation with that mellow blue colour.
It is difficult to tell if this is an underwater scene, or a field at night.
Being a fan of low poly art, the hard, geometric edges and interesting landscape drew me in. The sky is the only blue, but it seals the scene's very serene atmosphere.
More china with flowing plats around the figures.
Flowing lines draw the eyes around the centre of the circle.
The studded glass splits up the light at the base of the vase, while the smooth middle section slides the light up the stem.
The artificial plants cascading down the sides of the pot, with the swirling blue designs remind me of a pond with a garden growing around it, an arched bridge spanning the two.
Credits: All media
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