17th century Chinese Landscapes - Boris Robinson

This gallery contains artwork that showcases the beauty of nature and different landscapes throughout China, primarily during the 17th century. Each piece depicts a different terrain. Each piece brings a unique perspective to art that perfectly encapsulates the magnificence of China in the old world.

This image depicts rolling hills surrounding a valley. There are small structures scattered throughout. This landscape shows some of the more mountainous terrain in China. Trees line the area both on the hills and the valley.
In this landscape, a large mountain is shown in the background with trees sprawled along the base. The foreground shows some land, although whether or not there is water in between the land and the mountain remains unclear. Small houses can be spotted within the tree line at the base of the mountain.
This image is simple and slightly less detailed than some of the other paintings featured in this gallery. The top of a hill overlooks an apparent valley. There are small structures near the bottom of the hill. The background is unclear, but seems to resemble distant cliffs.
This painting depicts the view from the top of a cliff. A small seaside village can be seen. Water cascades across the painting, reaching the top where more land with hills is visible. Boats sail across the see to unknown destinations.
Land and sea are put together beautifully once again. A small island inhabited by trees in the foreground sits across from the mainland. Cliffs tower above a small village that sits on the water. In the background, mountains can be seen moving almost endlessly.
The edge of a body of water touches the shore of the countryside. Towards the top of the painting, scattered trees and a small awning hang above the beach. The small hills that the trees in habit are covered in grass and brush.
This painting shows the view from the top of large trees. To the right, an up-slope of a mountain covered in trees. In the bottom left, a large city sprawls across the background infinitely.
This simple portrait shows large mountains in the background with small trees in the foreground. The landscape is simple and shows the small beauty in the China wilderness. The ink is used sparingly to create nature's simple beauty.
A small shack is centered on a path in the middle of the woods where two individuals seem to be enjoying a meal or tea. Hills surround the area with visible mountains in the background.
A pond or lake sits at the bottom of a hill. Grass climbs up the side of the cliff in small patches. An image of Hong Zhengzhi hovers above the water on the far left of the painting. This landscape is simple, but elegant in the depiction of the cliff-side.
Credits: All media
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