Space Speaks louder than words

The gallery features paintings of landscapes during the sixteenth century by European artists with emphasize on formal elements space and color. 

Hunters in the snow look over a village atop an icy hill. The men are on the hunt, spears drew, dogs ready as they search for the prey. The landscape uses cool colors to produce a gloomy winter day. The village is in the far distance encumbered with townspeople.
The man follows the path down to the seaside bay. Before him is a sheep herder and far into the distance ships bound to shore. The day is approaching the end and the sun is setting over the water. Every object is conveyed in lifelike dimension and narrowing into the background. The colors convey a dispirited mood with the darker blues, greens, and yellows.
The Flight into Egypt depicts a family departing their town. The man is leading the way as the women and child rest atop a donkey. The town is miniature in the far background and the journey appears to have just begun. The colors used create a dim scene with the use of the darker brown, green, and black.
The focal point of Noli me Tangere depicts a woman begging a man to stay. The journey is underway as the man leaves the town. Titian uses color to set a modest tone. Space is strongly conveyed with the blue ocean and town far into the distance. The trees set a proper dimension for the two characters in the painting.
The young knight stands in the foreground of the landscape. He is surrounded by a castle and the oceanside. The knight is rather close and becomes the focal point immediately. The dark suit of armor emphasizes his importance. The scene is filled with a blue sky and highlights brown tones throughout.
A man and his daughters appear to leave a battle-torn town. They follow a light brown dirt path and view the blazing town in the far horizon. The colors are more vibrant in the landscape with the use of the bright reds, yellows, and oranges.
The landscape depicts the burial of Jesus Christ. It shows the servants preparing the tomb in the near distance. The pail body of Jesus appears to be lifeless. The men and women mourn in the background and begin their journey down the long path. The colors a saturated conveying the grief in the atmosphere.
The feast of the Gods depicts a group beginning a feast in a forest. The servants carry food and drinks atop of their heads to the privileged Gods. The women appear to comfort the men and everyone is particularly close to another. The artist consumes a larger portion of the landscape with the group. In the far, a mountain surveys the assembly feasting conveying a sense of space. The colors are more vibrant in the clothing of the people and darken into the distant background.
The Tower of Babel triumphs over everything in the scene. It gives the Tower a large sense of space. The colors make the landscape seem dark and gloomy with the vast use of black and blue. The ships carry little dimension compared to the massive tower and it helps to put the landscape in perspective.
The Tower of Babel depicts a more uplifting scene contrary to before. The use of color helps lively the atmosphere. The tower is the main focal point of the composition. The men gather around the large tower and give the tower the mighty presence in space.
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