Inaara's Art Style Gallery

In my gallery, I have chosen a piece from six styles of art: Renaissance, Impression, Art Nouveau, Surrealism, Cubism, and Pop Art.

I really enjoy this Renaissance piece because of how it combines several elements of art. The use of color is played well with shadow, and the artist portrays distance through the window beautifully.
I really like this piece of Impressionist art. The artist uses colors for the flowers and fruit basket are very vibrant. You can see each brush stroke as it works to create the picture as a whole.
This piece of Art Nouveau is one of my favorites. The piece is very calming & pleasing to look at. Each individual stroke, especially of the woman's back portrays a perhaps soft and detailed texture.
Kahlo's illness helped create this piece. I really love her symbolism of the skull and dead meat to show that she is without hope in the subject of her health. Her use of surrealism is one of the best
I really like this piece of Cubism art. Each break in line fades to a new color. Looking at each different section is confusing, but I love how it comes together if you look at the piece as a whole.
This pop art piece by Warhol is really cool. He uses the same type of repetition that he is known for. His play with contrast, brightness & vibrancy is really interesting. The orange color adds a pop.
Credits: All media
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