The Principle of focal point

This gallery explores the use of a focal point in various images. 

The lighting in the center of the image combined with the downward, directional gazes of the surrounding group, pronounce the individual on the ground as the focal point.
The illuminated man in the center of the room and the bright light focus the eye on the lantern. The outward diagonal movement of the surrounding subjects, opens the center of the image as the focal point.
The audience is surrounding the man in the center of the room. The attention focused on the man as well as the placement of the chandelier, make the man the focal point of the image.
The bold lines and structure of the tree and the central placement of the tree draw the attention to the center of the painting. The light coming through the crown of the tree creates this area as the focal point of image.
The contrast of light and dark colors creates the focal point in this image. The dark coat of the man and the busy table setting are the focal point, while the surrounding structures and background are more muted in color.
The stark white, blue, and red of the woman's outfit along with her outstretched arms lead the eye to her head. Her face is illuminated by the flame and her body is contrasted to the muted tan of the man's jacket.
The baby being held by the mother in the center of the image is the focal point. The adult subjects have their gaze fixed upon the baby. The man coming through the window creates movement toward the infant.
Immediately the eye focuses on the standing man, who is facing oppression. The light behind him, the two groups facing toward him and physically gesturing toward him emphasize the focal point.
The horizontal lines created by the white clouds draw attention toward the right side of the painting. The upward curved contouring outline to the mountain direct the gaze up and to the right as well, creating the tip of the mountain as the focal point.
The woman holding the guitar is the focus of this painting as her face is illuminated, the individuals' bodies are turned toward her and their gaze is cast upon her face.
Credits: All media
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