Vincent Van Gogh

I chose to gather pictures of Vincent Van Gogh because he is my favorite artist and we learn about his artwork in class a lot.

The thing that i like about this picture is you can see little faces on the flowers. I think that Vincent put it in there on purpose because it would make the painting more interesting.
I like this picture because the brushstrokes are really messy and not perfect like what you would expect from a famous artist.
This picture was made in March and it looks like these pink orchards are in bloom and when i was in D.C i learned that they are only in bloom around March in the US.
This painting has extremely bright colors like yellow to make you feel happy and bring you out of a bad mood. I think that he was in a good mood when he made this.
I like how much wildlife there is in this picture. It shows the flowers and the grass and the trees in the far back.
I chose this picture for my collection of "Vicent Van Gogh" because we learned about this picture in class and i liked it because his room is so simple even though he is rich and famous.
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