Kris Kunovski

Color Schemes

This monochromatic artwork is very gloomy and depressing due to the various blacks, grays, and whites used to make this image of a sad flower.
This complementary image is quite cheerful and heart-warming due to the correct amount of blue and orange. The orange sky is very peachy, and the blue water looks still and cool.
This triadic artwork is slightly confusing due to the unique colors, red, yellow, and blue, of the differentiating rectangles. I believe the artist should've added more shapes to this piece.
This warm artwork is very annoying due to the ridged lines and the curves they make. However, I feel that the piece is quite happy with the reds, yellows, and oranges.
This cool artwork is very calming and relaxing due to its proper use of purples and blues to create this beautiful mountain and water scene.
This analogous artwork is very busy and quite annoying due to the multitude of spots/dots of green, bluegreen, yellowgreen. The spots/dots are over-exaggerating in this piece.
Credits: All media
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