Hannah Bielski


This represents shape, because of the rounded bottom of the vase, along with the circle around the man's face on the vase.
This represents form because it is a 3-D figure, in the shape of a spider.
This represents value because of the lightness and darkness of the vase, along with the octopus.
This represents texture because the nails on this armor, looks to be very sharp and pointy.
This represents line because of the golden lines that are covering the vase.
This represents color because of the bright blues and oranges covering the vase.
This represent space because of the amount of positive space with the animals, grass and foliage. While the negative space is the white back ground of the vase
this represents variety because of the different types of shapes and designs along the base of the jewelry box.
This represents harmony because, the different shapes, and colors blend very well together
This represents balance because of how symmetrical the vase is, along with how the colors contrast against each other.
This represents proportion because of the body of the girl is correct and her facial features aren't distorted.
This represents emphasis because the bright orange color is very contrasted against the black background. making you want to look at the orange.
This represents rhythm because your eyes follow along the metal.
This represents pattern because of the continuous diamonds inside of the diamonds.
This represents movement because of the way that the woman is posed she looks as if she was frozen in time shooting at something.
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