These artworks describe the meaning of how it is to be at the beach , what it feels like and looks like at the beach. These artworks express the cultural meaning of beaches and how they are a great aspect to the natural world. Many of the artworks shown convey a feeling of beaches and what view a beach sets. Most artworks show what typical activities there is to do at a beach and how it naturally is a great part of our world. Some artworks display the structure of beaches and how the sand compliments the surroundings of the beach. Beaches are everywhere around the world and the artworks shown display how different beaches are around the world and that none of them are the same. Some of the artworks convey that beaches used to be lonely and then people would visit beaches as experience to now when people use some of the land that beaches have to build houses over looking the view of the beach around them. In every artwork the beaches seem clean and that it is clean enough for the public to swim in and animals of beaches when in reality to now beaches across the world are polluted with rubbish killing sea creatures and making it unable for people to swim in, which means that most thrown away unnatural objects are killing the natural environment. These artworks display beaches, and how it is natural to the world.

CULTURAL FRAME This artwork represents itself as a cultural frame as the artwork displays a typical day at the beach in Australia. Families, friends and fun.
STRUCTURAL FRAME This artwork represents itself as a structural frame as of the physical techniques to the artwork, which is the blurry effect on certain aspects of the artwork.
POST-MODERN FRAME This artwork represents itself as a post-modern frame as the appropriation of the houses were pre-existing to 1885 as they look very modern.
SUBJECTIVE FRAME This artwork represents itself as a subjective frame as the emotions expressed throughout the artwork is lost, lonely and empty.
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