Ecuador banknote. This is typical 'dandy image' banknote. This is so-balanced of right and left.
This is memorial banknote for 'battle'. This was not official note, but it is same value with '1 pound'. The letters are so small to identify, but there are same spaces with right and left
This is a picture of dollar bill. The color of a picture is green. So it can be called 'GREENBACK'. Also various types of fonts are used in bills.
This banknote has equilibrium beauty. Except the letter '10', it is décalcomanie structure
This is East Germany 10 mark banknote. East germany was socialism nation. So the figure in banknote was socialist. Unusually, the modern german bankote is more similar with east german note than west
Abraham Lincoln, the model of US 5 dollars bill, is representative of United States. Because he gazes the void, we can feel the emotion of vanity.
The US 5 dollars' Lincoln Memorial is the best place to correlate with Abraham Lincoln. The ancient Greek's architecture makes sense of imposing.
White house is the world-famous building which represent United States.
The Gothic style is typical architecture of medival Europe. Its sharp shape make emotion of limit and inconvenient.
Saint-Augustin church combines Romanesque and Gothic elements. An eyesore: ridiculously sited, without proportion, crushed beneath an outsized dome
This is a picture of 10 guinea note from Great Yarmouth Bank. We can comparatively recognize the contents of bill. And also we can know the color of the bill is soft.
This is a picture of 5 pounds of the Scarborough Bank. Fonts in bill are various and especially a thick font is used in important contents.
The color in bill is dynamic. So we can easily recognize the bill. Design in bill is comparatively fancy.
The contens and character used in bill is really special as you can see. An unique character is used in bill, so we can easily recognize the bill compared to other things.
This is a very special bill. Types of fonts are various and color of font used in bill stands out conspicuously. Therefore we can easily recognize the contents of bill.
This banknote was designed by Durand brothers. And this caused influnce to 'The american banknote'.But it is different with other modern bill.Modern banknote has almost complete balance. Butit was not
The color of the bill is green. Various types of fonts are used in bill. We can also know that design in bill is dynamic and elegant.
This is a picture of five dollar bill. The color of bill is green. It is easy for us to feel that color of bill is monotonous.
Writing style in banknote is very clear. We can recognize contents of banknote clearly. Also we can know the phases of the times in second and third exchange bills.
This is a picture of Lincoln's pockets collection. Lincoln is an important person in US history so the portrait of Lincoln is used in bill.
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