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Rushai Princess Edward

This picture looks very disturbing..
Its sad that such a young girl had to experience such horror.
This sculpture is cool, but i don't understand the dots..
Not everything stays gold/perfect..
Why are you eyes so much larger than the rest of her facial features?
This painting looks so hard.. what happens if you make a mistake, it looks like it would be impossible to fix..
It looks like years of patience was put into the perfect pencil strokes..
This is such a negative picture. How did all those skulls get there? Where is the rest of the bodies bones?
How is this art?
The red on the white flowers almost looks like blood..
Maybe when God made the earth he had a few "rough drafts"
How many animals were killed just to get all these horns?
A nice way to "recycle".
This hurts my head. Way too complex.
What if this was the stairway to heaven? Would you climb them?
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