Does it MAtter?

Marcya S. 5th period

EXISTENTIALISM: This is an example of existentialism because the little boy realizes that what the other little boys around him thinks doesn't matter, all that matters what he does and what he wants. He sees something that he wants and knows that there isn't anything stopping him from taking it.
ABSURDISM: This is an example of Absurdism because the man with a cane continues to ask others for food even though he has no set reason to. He continues to cling to his desire to live out of hope that in the end it'll all be for a reason.
NIHILISM; This is an example of Nihilism because the man holding the little girl looks like he is completely devastated and has realized that the world has no meaning because eventually everyone will die, its just a matter when.
CONTRAST: This is an example of contrast because although they don't have a lot of food to go around, they are still pulling together in their time of need and staying together.
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