Art 114/351 Jarrett

Similar to the early classical and hellenistic periods from Ancient Greece, Adam and Eve are portraying contrapposto. Both are fully nude, bodies have free movement, and faces are showing emotions.
The simplicity is what makes this abstract piece intriguing. The graduation of the blue down the piece goes from a vibrant dark blue to a just a trace of blue down to the bottom of the piece.
One of my favorite paintings. The placement of the colors on the canvas, along with the brush strokes, give a texture and also bring out every part of the painting.
The graduation of the colors, texture created by brush strokes and line work, shading, and placement of the rabbit give it a super realistic look on the canvas. I feel as if I could pet the rabbit.
This set of vases really caught my eye. From the uniform, but unique, shapes of the outside four vases to the carved pattern on the middle vase, and the plain black color, they give off an eery feeling.
Credits: All media
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