Focal point

The focal point on this piece is the "light at the end of the tunnel." With the rest of the piece shrouded in darkness, the natural emphasis is on the light in the middle.
The emphasis is on the angel in the middle of the painting. Because the other features are darker in color, and she is lighter, the eye is naturally drawn to her.
The emphasis on this painting is the starry sky, mainly on the brightest, yellow star. It is also on the tallest building on the left.
Because the light seems to be shining down in the middle, the eye is naturally drawn there. The emphasis is on Christ on the cross.
The focal point of this piece is the mountain range in the background. Because it is most powerful presence-wise, it is the natural emphasis.
The focal point starts at the gate in the front, but then the natural lines draw the eye to the front door as the focal point.
The focal point is on the woman in the chair in the background. Even though she is somewhat covered by the tree, she is still the emphasis.
The focal point is in the middle, where there are not ships, where the light is shining down. The emphasis is on this section for two reasons: the first being that there are no ships here, they seem to have parted. Also, the light draws the eye here.
The focal point is the king and queen in the middle. The rest of the painting is in darkness, and the eye naturally flows to the lighter portions, which is where the royals are placed.
Although all of the portions of the painting are in equal brightness and color, the emphasis and focal point are on the right hand side, possibly because this section has less color than the rest of the painting.
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