Pakistan and Nepal

This painting shows some of the cultural things people do in Pakistan. This image shows a woman waiting for the Eid moon.
This picture was painted by the "first master" of Pakistan. I think it is an important part of their culture because it shows like the start of their home.
I feel that this picture shows the culture of Pakistan, because it shows the women playing the Vina.
This image shows the trouble that people went through after the earthquake there. It shows her mother helping her child.
I think this image shows the culture well. It shows men playing the popular game of Polo.
This shows the disaster of the earthquake in Nepal. It is a clear visual of all the damage that was made, and how much rebuilding had to be done.
This one was a good representation, because it shows their worship. I just thought that it stood out, on the religious side of things.
I liked how this image shows a ritual that is preformed. Meaning that that is a big part of the culture.
Nepal has their own tradition of the Buddha standing in his relaxed position. So I think this statue is a very good representation of the culture in Nepal
This is a figure of The Goddess of Compassion, Tara. It was created in Nepal, so it is something to make them proud of what they have.
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