The Textures of the seasons

The Gallery that follows focuses mostly on impressionist work and how textures are conveyed using very jagged or ridged brush strokes. Using the seasons, winter and summer, each painting shows how different techniques really make the viewer fell like same atmosphere the painter did on that day. This is done through giving our visual the same sense our hands would have, texture.  From summer flowers to fresh snow these paintings have it all. 

Starting off with the winter season, I chose this piece because you can really feel the texture of the now on the tree and roof tops in this piece. The background clouds also and an extra Dimension making the lighter whites really pop feeling 3D in nature.
The shadow cast due to the placement of the sun on the west (left) side of the painting gives depth to the snowy surface, you can really feel the soft curves and light touch the artist gave this piece.
An impressionist work showcasing a very light dusting of snow (maybe melted off) revealing the shrubbery below the surface. It gives the now a more grainy feel to it which is a well Depicted texture in this piece.
Between the two people, and the dog lying in the snow this piece shows weight added in.
The heavy focus on impressionism in conjunction with the light gives this piece a distinctive grain like feeling to the straw huts.
The pathway the woman was walk is beaten in, while the background muted to give an almost sanded texture.
The dark colors in the middle surrounded by lighter tones gives the feel of a slight winters fog to those waling the square.
This highly contrasted piece sill conveys the texture of the waters surface and the bridge.
This piece serves as a transitional piece between the Winter arts and the summer tones, while showcase the texture of melted snow and the surface below (gravel)
while the colors may be blended through the art style the texture of each flower head shines through the cracks.
the background rough waters help make the front forest/gargen pop out. The resulting texture being on of walking through an actual forest.
the course field and rough rooftops are complimented even by the clouds.
A classic summer field shown in force. The grains of the field are portrayed in a manner that draws the viewer in.
The flower pedals are the focus here. while jagged in stroke each pedal still has the soft clean sheen to them, almost like they are made of silk.
You can really feel the texture of these shrubs as though you were there on a warm summers day.
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