Rainbow Jesus 

This artwork has yellow markings with an orange circle with blue around it. In the center orange circle,there is people and a building in it. The subject matter is clay. The artwork is arranged the way it is because it's focusing on the middle circle. I would say the meaning of this artwork is cultural.The works craftsmanship amazes me and I think this is a beautiful piece. The piece is rare.
In this artwork I see, a lot of different colors and some people and what looks like some flowers. It is very hard to see what is on the artwork. The way the vase is shaped makes the art stand out in my eyes. It is very different. Also the purple coloring catches my eye when I first look at it. I would say this artwork is personal or social. It doesn't really have anything that makes me think it would be political or cultural. I really like this vase a lot because of the way it is shaped. Vases normally are like regular flower vases, but this one is a lot different than any regular vase. This works craftsmanship really does amaze me. I think this piece is exceptionally rare.
This is piece art reminds me of something from like beauty in the beast. It has like a castle kinda feeling. It also reminds me of like a lamp post. The main picture on the face is more cultural and religious I would say. Again, I like how the vase isn't a 'normal' vase. The craftsmanship of this work amazes me because of how different it is.
In this artwork,the main picture is with a family and it looks like the father is apart of a war or something to that. It has a white horse which they used in the wars. The picture on the vase to me doesn't really go with the coloring and the shape of the vase. I think the meaning of this artwork is political and cultural. I think this piece of art is very rare.
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