Objects in Motion

This gallery is comprised of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works which, although still, have in them a strong sense of motion.

Although this is a flat image, the placement of the horses and the positioning of their legs implies that they are in full gallop.
The placement of this sculpture almost makes it seem like we are looking at an actual person. The sculpture 's asymmetry and body language implies that the person is dancing.
This picture is the perfect example of implied motion. The lines are narrowing towards the back of the room, guiding the eye in the direction that the men are working. They too are pulling their arms towards the background as they sand the floor.
This sculpture looks as if a woman was captured mid-dance. With her leg lifted and face pointing towards the sky, we can almost picture her next move.
The distortion of proportions in this piece make it look like the cyclists are coming out of the picture. Placing larger images in the foreground implies movement.
This painting is a great example of implied motion within a two-dimensional piece. The woman almost looks as if she is being pulled by the birds and the angels are "flying" in the same direction.
Credits: All media
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