One Point Persepective

This picture has 2 vanishing points and all of the layers start and end in the city.
The vanishing point is in the middle of the page and is making the side of the city seem much longer than if there was not one.
Same as the picture before there is a low lying vanishing point but the foreground has action happening.
There is a low lying vanishing point with the layers all on the same level.
The foreground has some type of scene happening but then the middle and background actually lead to the vanishing point.
The Foreground builds up to the middle ground and then to the background.
The foreground is big and there is not much difference between the layers to make the vanishing point seem closer
The foreground and middle ground are about the same but the background is when the trees and sky meet to make it look like a distance from here to there.
Foreground on the sides are big and the almost the same as the middle and background but as you go they get smaller.
Foreground is the beginning arched part Middle are the pillars leading to the background Background is the door at the end and is very small
Credits: All media
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