The American Beauty of art

The uniqueness of each artwork.

This is oil on paper mounted on canvas. This painting was done by Benjamin West in 1789, and it is called "Genius Calling Forth the Fine Arts to Adorn Manufactures and Commerce". This painting is very bright in color. It looks like there is an angel, sending a letter to the people. The background is very grayish.
This portrait is of Alexander Hamilton, painted by John Trumbull, in 1806. In this portrait, Hamilton is facing the left. This portrait looks very dark.
This painting of George Washington was done in 1796 by Gilbert Stuart. This painting consists mainly of red and black colors. George Washington is standing up and it looks like he has courage.
This painting is an oil on board. This painting named "Building a Shelter" was done by Thomas Sully in 1856. It shows a man pushing against a wall. This painting consists mainly of a brown color.
John Neagle drew this painting called "Pat Lyon at the Forge" from 1826 to 1827. This painting shows a man working as a blacksmith. Its is painted with dark colors.
This painting of a landscape was painted from 1813 to 1823, by Charles Willson Peale. This painting consists mainly of a bright color, which makes the trees and grass pop out even more. In the center is also a lake, with a blue color.
This was one of the scenes of the New World. This is a painting of the Niagara Falls. The painter of this painting, known as John Vanderlyn, showed great details of the Niagara Falls.. The water is painted with a dark blue/gray color. Overall, this painting looks very gloomy because of the gray colors of the sky.
In this painting, you can see that a mother is looking after her child. This painting was done by Washington Allston. The background is painted with dark colors, and the mother is clothed in a red and blue robe.
This portrait is a self portrait, painted by Samuel F.B. Morse, to portray his future, as a painter. This was painted in about 1809 - 1810. You can see that he was directly looking at himself, with the paint palette and the canvas.
This painting is oil on canvas, and it is a portrait of George Washington, painted by Rembrandt Peale. This painting is dark in general but the light is shined at the top.
This painting is an oil on panel. This painting was done by James Peale named, "Still Life with Fruit", in 1821. You can see many varieties of fruits, with different colors. On the left, the fruit is shined with light, but on the right, it is very dark.
This painting was done by Raphaelle Peale. This painting shows a woman sitting, dressed in red and black. It shows how modest the lady looks. There is also a window in the background, with a red curtain.
This artwork is known as watercolor-on-ivory miniature. It is done by Anna Claypoole Peale. You can see that the lady is wearing a red. This painting shows naturalism.
This painting is oil and graphite on canvas. Within this painting, you can see other works and books. This painting consists mainly of a brown color.
This painting is an oil on canvas. You can see the vibrant color of green which brings out the background of nature even more.
This painting was created in 1819, by Joshua Shaw, and it is named "View Above the Falls of the Schuylkill". In the painting, the trees are slanted which means that the wind is blowing.
This was painted by John James Audubon from 1836 to 1839. In this painting, an eagle is painted with dark colors. The eagle seems to be looking like it's watching the sea.
This artwork is of a Carolina Cuckoo, Black-billed Cuckoo, Blue Yellow-backed Warbler, and Yellow Red-poll Warbler. This work was hand-colored. It was a work by Alexander Lawson in 1773 - 1846, and Alexander Wilson from 1766 to 1813. They were both Americans.
A portrait of Jean-Jacques Rousseau is printed on a laid paper. This was printed in France by Augustin de on 1736 - 1807, and Houdon, Jean-Antoine on 1741 - 1828. This object was a gift of John O'Brien.
This sculpture is of Christopher Columbus. It was carved in 1815 by Giuseppe Ceracchi. It is form Benjamin Lincoln Lear.
The child is covered in cloak and is seated on a rock. He is facing left, with his arms crossing his body. This sculpture is in good condition, with minor scratches.
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