Bright colorful dark world made by my group anna and kahnaysia      

Manolas It relates to the theme because it is colorful.The manolas was made by the artist that goes by the name of Fancisco Iturrino.It was made in spain.Made between 1908-1909. Its a series of groups of manolas.It is full of color and it looks like their happy.They are also doing a special dance. It is full of different forms and lines and pattern
Joan Of Arc At Domreny It is a sculpture made in Musee d’ orsey , Paris.The artist who sculpted this goes by the name of Henri Chapu.A young woman pretty and patient whose name was Joan of art.It was made in between the 1870-1872.This is related to our theme because it has alot of brightness.It also has some principles are many lines ,form,shape and balance.
THE ABDUCTION OF EUROPA An art piece made before the 1900s and was made around the year 1632.The artist name was Rembrant Harmensz. A ancient roman poet ovid told a story about the god jupiter,who disguised himself as a white bull in order to seduce the princess europa away from her companion and carry her across the sea that would bear her name.The light mostly shines on two woman and Euopa holding the bull in the water.It has dark and bright colors.
Ceiling for the paris opera This art piece was made by Marc Chagalls.This piece of art is really colorful.It was done between January 1 ,1953 and September 23, 1964. Some elements are the color and shapes it has and this artwork relates to our theme because it is colorful just like the world.
Virgin and child It was made in Venice,Italy in the year of 1515.The creator of this painting goes by the name of Giovanni Battista Cima De Conegilano. The virgin and child are shown in company of saints,in known a scary conversation.It had many different colors and harmony.It relates to our theme because it has background, that is in our world and its colorful and is mixed in between darkness and brightness.
Credits: All media
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