Weddings Through Time

Works of art from different eras depicting the most solemn and sacred of human vows, marriage, the joining of two people as one. This gallery showcases the many creative perspectives of weddings.                                                                                                                                                                                     - Gallery Created By: Joshua Dougherty

"The Wedding Feast" a wedding celebration is at hand however, it looks as the celebration is winding down. This art work appealed to me for the use of bold & vibrant colors in light & in dark shadows
The title speaks for itself for what is depicted. I chose this painting because of the exceptional use of color and light along with its representation of style and realism of the 17th century.
This portrait was chosen due to the eye catching use of light & shadow combined with the striking colors and depiction of the scene. The light strikes in the most important part of the scene.
The elevated view of the "Wedding Supper" gives this portrait and setting a sense of elegance all itself. While the colors are not bright they still stand out due to the amounts of action portrayed.
This portraits illustration of complex individual components and the use of color for each individual person depicted in this scene made it visually appealing, intriguing and incredibly detailed.
In "A Wedding" an almost realistic but yet surreal approach is made to depict the scene. The colors are again striking while the characters are not completely realistic looking but imaginative.
In George Bellows "Wedding" the use of only black and white ties together the formality and elegance of a wedding depicted in the early 20th century. The portrait also increases detail on the bride.
The simple yet elegant "wedding picture" depicts a crossing over of times from traditional to modern. I chose this photo because the picture just seemed to speak history and told a story by itself.
In "Wellwishers to the Wedding", several wedding photos placed in such a way the pictures look like an beautiful collage of color. This is how it caught my eye. When looking closer one sees the images
An elegant & beautiful wedding hall filed with warmth & color, that has not yet received its guests. This picture had me thinking of all the moments couples share up to this day then join together.
Credits: All media
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