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Nelson Atkins

pictures like this one(of children) are where Mary Cassatt gets her fame from. i think the art is very good. i love how even though it is black and white it still feels warm
This picture was inspired by Monet's Japanese water garden. The painting makes me feel like it is an older painting. it is confusing to me but the further away you get the prettier it gets,
Francoi made this painting with an inspiration from the 17th century predecessors. i really love this painting because the closer you get to it the more detailed it becomes
Delacroix was the greatest representative of Romanaticism paintings
John Constable's Techunique is loose and free. it makes the trees look like they are sighing and moving in the wind
This picture was taken in the great depression. it makes me feel sad for the mother and her children, but i think it is an amazing picture.
George Caleb has many drawings depicting Missouri life.
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