Maria, Miriam, Μαρία

"Mujer ahí tienes a tu Hijo" - Jn. 26 "Ahí tienes a tu Madre" - Jn. 27 El diálogo desde la cruz inicia una relación que cambia la vida de los hombres. A través de los siglos, ese hijo, a buscado a través del arte reflejar la relación de hijo-madre/madre-hijo. Durante el mes de mayo los católicos conmemoran con especial devoción, a la Santísima Vírgen María. He aquí un recorrido artístico de esta devoción tan profunda en el ser humano.

"No temas María porque has hallado gracia delante de Dios" Lc. 1;26
The mystery of Incarnation is very simply that of God's asking a women to freely give Him a human nature. IN so many words, through the Angel, He was saying "Will you make Me a man?" - Fulton Sheen
"The greatest act of freedom the world has ever known" - Fulton Sheen
"God's way is not dictatorship, but cooperation. If He would redeem humanity, it would be with human consent." - Fulton Sheen
As from the first Adam came the first Eve, so now in the rebirth of man's dignity, the new Adam will come from the new Eve." - Fulton Sheen
"As the "no" of Eve proves that creature was made by love and is therefore free, so thy Fiat proves that the Creature was made for love, as well" - Fulton Sheen
"I will establish a feud between thee and the women, between thy offspring and hers; she is to crush thy head, while thou dost lie in wait at her heels" Gen. 3;15
"The world's first love" - Fulton Sheen
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