roman religion

Roman religion had a big impact on their culture. It often caused them to change their everyday life in order to please the gods, or to keep themselves safe. Their beliefs strongly affected theirs lives, and the ways that they composed themselves.                                                 George, Kayla, Allison, and Meadow

This is a statue of the deity Mars-Cobannus. He represents the Roman god of war, and is from the Roman Empire, around 125-175 AD. This statue gives a look into the importance of the gods in Roman religion, and the important role they play in everyday life.
This is a temple hoard that is composed of multiple bronze statuettes in a large pottery jar. The statuettes were most likely used in a household shrine. This shows how important worship was in everyday Roman life.
This is a suit of armor made from crocodile skin. The Egyptians had a strong influence on roman religion and culture. It was believed that the crocodile would take on the spirit of a deity.
This is a statue of a roman priestess created in marble. She is preparing for a sacrifice, which was a central point in Roman religion. These sacrifices were meant to please and honor the gods, which was extremely important.
This was a amulet of a winged phallus. They were often hung in doorways, in houses and stores to protect against evil spirits. This shows us the supersticial beliefs that the romans often held, and the measures they used to protect themselves against them.
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