Art Through the Ages

The painting uses more browns and golds and reds. The riches are displayed everywhere in these warm colors. The contrast of the subjects' skin tone focuses your eye on the center
This Rembrandt utilizes warm colors around the subjects to draw focus on their white skin. This portrait draws the conclusion that Rembrandt painted very upper class people.
The colors Raphaelle uses makes an almost visual succulent taste to the painting. The fruits on the table brings a great balance to the painting
Another classic portrait of the 19th century. The negative space on her clothing creates the illusion of her arm being draped over the arm of the chair. The tone behind the subject brings out the hue in her eyes
The colors the subject is wearing gives the assumption that she is high class. The muted brown in the background brings out the flush of her cheeks and the vibrance of her regal clothes
The colors used in this painting are more earthy and muted. The feeling I get from this painting is a long sigh after a long tired day
This is a more Romantic painting. During this time people used nature as the focus and humans were minor partakers in nautre
What drew me in to this picture was the boldness of the flowers surrounding the almost same toned birds and leaves. They were the dominant subject in this art piece.
The balance of the white ibises and the red flamingos brings this painting together. The contrast of the background adds a nice color element to the artwork
The colors used in this painting are pastel and display upper class Americans need towards displaying their beautiful fabrics and riches. Family portraits, which at the time only the rich could afford, hung around high class households everywhere
The brushstrokes used in this painting are soft and creamy. Our eyes fall to the vibrance of her lips, to the rose of her cheeks to the red clothing draped around her shoulder
In this painting Thompson used he uses short brushstrokes. He also shows his for nature by including the mountains and forest in the background and the small bird in the girl's arm
This is a more upper rich class painting. This painting also utilizes the upper class showcasing their riches in their family portraits
The painting's flow goes from her hair, down her shoulders, and around the shall, then up her breast then around her necklace. The colors used are more toned down
This painting depicts nature as the subject and the people are mere details. This painting shows the beauty of nature
The center of focus, as well as most of the bright colors, are immediatly drawn to the center, where John Adam's face is. This artwork utilizes the dark space to keep the focus on Adams and his face
West utilized duller toned colors, the browns and blues, in this artwork. This setting reveals that during this time bathing wasn't a personal matter; people shamelessly gathered to clean themselves.
I love the pearly white of this sculpture. The soft features and the shadows that create more definition is intense
I like the detail of his hair and face features. I wish their was more muscle definition in his cheeks and his collarbone
The detail on the fabric is amazing--so is the hair. I wish their was more definition on the facial muscles
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