Landscape Gallery

Many beautiful landscape pieces from various artists. All featured at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri. Many of these pieces include trees or waterfronts, some sunsets as well. Many are painted, but some are sketched or created with oil pastels.

This piece by Francois Boucher was created in 1740. The medium he used was oil on canvas.I really like this piece because the sky looks so realistic.
Van Gogh mad 5 paintings of olive orchards during his time at an asylum. He wasn't put there, but asked specifically to spend time there so he could paint the gardens.This one has great techniques used, the textures gives it a cartoony look.
This painting,out of 80, show Monet's flower garden at Giverny and were the main focus of Monet's art during the last few years he was alive. This piece is very pretty, I love how your not exactly sure what it is, but can infer.
This piece is beautiful! It's so realistic, looks like I could reach out and touch it. This piece is oil-on-canvas that shows a beautiful, happy scenic area.
I don't like this piece very much, it seems kind of sad from the dark colors and not-so-luscious trees. This medium is oil on canvas, created with a beautiful blur of dark colors. It depicts the view of Jerusalem from a mountain a long way off.
This piece of art is a black-and-white image take with a camera. I like this piece because it shows a large scope of area in one place.
This piece is a taken image that was turned into a print. The sky and water have no seam, so it was all one negative. I like this piece because it show a beautiful ocean landscape, with a small boat drifting in the water.
This piece is on a canvas with the medium of oil and gouache. I like this piece a lot because of the cool colors and the realisticness.
This piece is ink on paper, consisting of little color. It is a panoramic landscape made in Japan around the 13-1600's. I really enjoy this piece because of the many details.
This piece is drawn on 6 folds of screens. The medium is ink on paper, with slight gold coloring. I don't like this for only one reason, lack of color.
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