the female figure by samantha hernandez

This gallery portrays painted women after the 1940's in modern styles.

Untitled is a painting of a nude African American woman sitting. The artist paints nude woman as his muses, but what is so different about this is her dramatic facial expression and curvaceous figure. The artist uses realistic shading and color in this painting.
This painter uses subtle & analogous colors (like blue and green) to portray this woman sleeping in the nude. "Mulata" is a Spanish word meaning of mixed race. The color is deeply saturated here. She looks serene and gentle in her facial expression and body language.
Abel Prat paints in a cross hatch pattern making this painting rough & sort of urban. In contrast, the women in this painting has smooth curves & looks tranquil while resting. He uses colors in his shading which gives additional dimension. The space in this painting that is not occupied by the woman's body is intense in color; the foreground looks like she is laying on a blanket set on the grass.
Diego Riviera uses organic shapes & exaggerates the body in this female figure by adding more curvature to the breasts and hips. There is also an exceptional saturation to the piece, giving the work more depth. By adding more exaggeration to her womanly features while shrinking the head (for less attention there), Riviera keeps them as the focus of this work.
Marvel uses bold, thick lines or panels of color in different shapes to produce the image of an old woman hunched over a walking cane. This painting focuses more on the outline of her female figure rather than her facial features. Value is also a formal element of art apparent in this painting, once again, to outline the shape of the woman. This modern painting is abstract and very distinct in its style.
Using contrasting colors, Alexandra shows a striking representation of the female figure. There is also the use of geometric lines, even in places we usually think of as organic. It looks as if the woman is stretching or in a promiscuous position on a couch.
Broken color, or small dabs of color, is used here in the highlights and shadow of this painting. The muse remains faceless as she leans against an ochre pillow or couch. She is fuller and seems relaxed in position.
This artwork is painted in a Surrealist style, a dream-like, fantasy that could almost but not quite be real. Their is a luxurious couch floating in the sky with a nude woman who looks quite relaxed to be their despite the burning of her head. The colors here are bright, and in the flower field their are two men lurking in the shadows, whose hats are pulled over their eyes in a mysterious way. Could the woman on fire be a representation of the way he makes women feel at his own hands?
This painting seems very raw to me, with the bumpy distorted brush strokes and apparent distress of the woman lying down. Could she have been crying, dreaming, hated her breakfast of eggs? With her fuller hips and lop pines of the breasts, the painting is an organic representation of a natural, realistic female body.
Because of her part in the work of some of today's fashion shows, I have recently become interested in Miss Beecroft. She seems to grasp reality in her fist and run with it. By this, I mean different realities of the many different lives that go on everyday. Here there is the back of a nude woman painted in a borderline accurate way; the lines aren't perfect, they actually might be a little exaggerated like the height of this woman legs, but she understands the human imperfections.
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