Renaissance Perspective

One-point perspective is drawing using octagonal lines that connect to a vanishing point on a horizon line in which a three-dimensional aspect in created. It impacted the Renaissance period of art by influenced a more realistic figure of the real world. In this gallery, works from the 1460s through the 1500s are viewed.Perspective Scenery by Diego de Siloe was drawn in Barcelona and focuses on a chapel where great detail and shadowing are included to created the ellongated virtue. The Ideal City by Fra Carnevale is more open perspective than the last and yet one can still make out the small details made in the background by a paintbrush.  Architectural Veduta by Francesco di Giorgia Vecchietta gives an insight look at the Berlin architecture and includes sailing ship in the distance. St. Bernardino Preaching by Lorenzo di Pietro di Giovanni Vecchietta shows the religious devotion of the era and the culture of the time period. Notice how all details are accurate to the point of the figure's positions on the background table.

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